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Scientific researches in the nutrition field have found that sprouts are the healthiest food that can be found on our planet. It is hard to overestimate their positive effect on the human body. Apart from being used for weight loss, these products can aid in curing allergies, treating stomach aches, enhancing blood quality, and improving the immune system in general.

That is why nutritionists recommend adding them to your diet even if you do not have problems with overweight. Sprouted seeds contain elements that seeds cannot provide and they are the best representatives of superfoods along with lentils, soybeans, oats

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All food available today can be divided into three types:



The first group means the heat-treated dishes we all have got used to. Such food is usually tasty and nourishing. We all have been taught since childhood that eating cutlets we feel full sooner. We did not know what superfoods are. However, the useful properties of such dishes are doubtful. They can give us some minerals, amino acids, and fats with carbs. But only a few vitamins and ferments survive after heat treating.


Bioactive foods mean dried, frozen or once fresh organic products that you store in a refrigerator. They keep more vitamins and ferments. But comparing to the last group they still are losers in supplying our body with the living energy.


When we talk about biogenic, we understand the one that still contains the life inside. It can be wheat or pea sprouts, fresh egg and just harvested vegetable, fruits, and greens. In that condition, they have a maximum concentration of nutrients. You must remember that the green superfood is considered freshly picked up only for the next two hours after harvesting. However, there is a thin line between these three categories. But we have based our diets on sprouts as they are one of the most available kinds of biogenetic food available in cities.

Why Are Sprouts Better than Regular Seeds?

When comparing properties of the dried seeds and, for instance, bean sprouts we can see the obvious benefits of the second option. As soon as the seed start sprouting it frees the metabolism processes that were hibernated. This leads to the enhancing of the amount of the useful bioactive nutrients like ferments micro- and macronutrients, antioxidants and vitamins. That is why sprouted grains contain twice more vitamins B, C and E compared to the dried or processed ones.

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You can learn more about how to prepare and eat sprouts with our online sprouts app that will provide you with the recipes for everyone. You will be impressed by the diversity of dishes you can cook adding sprouts.

Here are the main benefits of such food to your body:

  • all cells are renewed regularly with the required nutrition
  • your body get rid of the allergens
  • the excess fat is taken out
  • the work of the immune system is normalized
  • the quality of the blood is improved
  • you feel better in general

Why Is Superbody Diet Based on Sprouts?

As we can see, sprouted grains are the unique gift of the nature that can help us to improve our body, mood and lose weight at the same time. Moreover, if you are vegan, this option from superfoods list will also fit your worldview. There no any differentiation at all as such diet will be suitable both for men and for women.

If you are looking for the secret ingredient for health and beauty, we will help you to reveal it and implement it in your life. Knowing what a superfood is and how to prepare seed to sprout you will be closer to your goal.

  1. It is available for people from megacities and does not cost much. There is no need to go to the farmer’s market every day looking for top 10 superfoods.
  2. The simple process of home growing makes it possible to sprout seeds without difficulties. Also, you will master your gardener skills.
  3. Great variation of recipes (not only salads) will make your ration pleasant and healthy.
  4. Positive results for your health and body will encourage you to keep improving your nutrition.

If you are looking for the secret ingredient for health and beauty, we will help you to reveal it and implement it in your life. Knowing what a superfood is and how to prepare seed to sprout you will be closer to your goal.

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