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Calorie counter to lose weight

Get closer to your dream of a slim and healthy body

Make your life easier with a calorie counter from the Superbody! Delegate the math to the app and free your mind for other important tasks for your lifestyle improvement.

Based on the principle of the deficit, the program will count the amount of food you eat, show its nutritional value and adjust your next meals to compensation or the cutting of daily calories. You will need just to provide the app with the data about your meals, workout, pulse and other factors.

Smart calorie counting

If you need to lose or gain weight you need respectively cut or add a number of calories to your daily norm. Moreover, you need to take into account your basic metabolism needs.

You need not only take into consideration the amount of energy and water you consume and spend during the workout but also feed your body to give it energy for fat burning and muscle building processes. We use “smart” calorie counting and provide recommendations minding all factors.

How does it work?

The principle of the calorie deficit diet is simple – eat less than you can spend during the day. Now we can control the process of weight loss thanks to the knowledge of the calorie value of every product and dish. So all you need to manage is the amount of energy you consume.

And there is no need to visit a nutritionist or spend long hours on counting and planning your meals for day or week. With an online calorie calculator will take into account the type of food you eat, the size of the portions and will give you a full report with recommendations.

Result Tracking and Daily Tips

The app measures steps, every meal and any other factors that can affect the losing weight. It, and compares the rates with the amount of energy you get with food and then inform you about the energy balance.

If you consume less, then everything is fine and you are on your way to the skinny body. While the excess of calories will lead to the slowing of the slimming processes and the app will provide you will the best nutrition alternatives based on your heart rate measures, quality of sleep etc. Your only task then will be following the instructions and change your lifestyle according to them.

We will lead you to your goals

However, you need to provide the required data to get this useful info. Thus you will have to write down in the app all you eat during the day in order Superbody has an accurate data on your ration. Moreover, you need to add your physical activity in order to find the balance between enough energy for your body and required deficit for weight loss. During signing in you add basic info about you, your lifestyle and usual activities. This will help to adjust the food and workout plans to your needs and goals for weight loss.

Nothing will stop you on the way to the result

The main difference between our app and other calorie counters is that we use “smart” approach to this matter. We deeply understand how the human body works and what it needs for normal functioning. So we mind basic metabolism that includes processes we do not control like breathing, food digestion, brain activity etc.

Calories counter cannot cut your daily plan less than this point in order not to interrupt the processes that are needed for slimming as well. In other words, you can lose weight even without a workout.

What needs to be taken into account?

Many people start using a calorie counter to lose weight and choose calorie deficit as a basis of their diets. But eventually, they may face difficulties with weight loss. This is the result of the narrow approach to food planning. At first, you may gradually lose weight following the standard diet and number of calories. But with time you may see how the percentage of success is decreasing.

The thing is here is the same situation as with training. You need a calorie calculator to adjust your meal plan to the changing body that becomes stronger and needs more challenges and energy to fight the excess weight.

Superbody – wise approach in calorie counting

Do not waste your time on counting and entrust this mission to Superbody. This is one of the best calorie counters available on the market today. It will take into account not only the amount of food you consume but also your daily workout and changing needs of your slimming body. The results will affect your further meal and training plans to make the weight loss process faster and resultative.

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