Weight loss is difficult. Get over it!

Everywhere you turn you see ads promising you miracle weight loss in a matter of days or weeks. Your better logic tells you, however, that weight loss is a lot harder than that! You try over and over again only to end up feeling more lost, frustrated, and desperate than before.

You try over and over again only to end up feeling more lost, frustrated, and desperate than before. Does this scenario sound familiar? You don’t have to be so hard on yourself. Everyone struggles with their weight at one point or another. A prime example is your fellow nutritionist, me.

Yes, you read that right. I spent a good portion of my life trying the latest fad diet or using exercise in dangerously excessive ways to get my weight down. The only thing I achieved with this insane existence was an underactive thyroid and fatigue.

One day I finally discovered the truth
  • And the truth was that if I did not make a firm commitment to completely alter my lifestyle, I would forever remain overweight and unhealthy.
  • The truth was that human beings are not meant to exist on this processed Westernized diet we are so accustomed to following.
  • The truth was that we are meant to eat real, whole, unprocessed, non-GMO foods.
  • And the truth was that is was going to take a lot of inner work to accept that the diet I was used to was not the diet that going to keep me thin and healthy.

A lot of my clients ask for quick and easy, convenient foods. But like anything else such as composing great music, writing a best-selling book, climbing the corporate ladder, becoming a chef at a top restaurant, designing an amazing building (you guys get the point), eating real food takes work. And it takes work to accept that the junk food we have become used to eating is just unacceptable. If we want to be healthy, if we want enough energy to play with our kids, if we want to go to the doctor less, if we want to have the body we always dreamed of, we definitely should forget all of the processed foods we are surrounded by. We should not feel like we are missing out, rather, we should feel relieved that we have decided not to put this garbage into our bodies anymore. So, instead of trying to find quick fixes, we should really be trying to find REAL food that will FEED our bodies to work better for us.

Don’t despair that it is hard to lose weight. Heck, I bet most of you reading this have achieved amazing things. And those who HAVE achieved amazing things, you KNOW that achieving something takes a little work every single day. So why not give losing weight the same commitment, dedication, and ambition that you gave to achieving something great? Why not completely revamp the way you look at food in order to gain health and happiness? Why not accept that there will be ups and downs, but eventually you will not only change your body, but completely alter your lifestyle and mindset? I did it. I dare you to do it as well. I have faith that ALL of you can do it too!!

Don't dispair. Because of personal experience and scientific training in nutrition, I, along with the user-friendly tools on Superbody can help you to lose weight and to gain health. Get started today!

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