The 3 Questions I hate hearing as a nutritionist

I have been a nutrition counselor for the past 16 years. I have heard every excuse in the book for why someone didn’t lose weight as well as witnessed almost miraculous transformations in people’s bodies and health.

But on my journey as a healthcare practitioner, I have collected a few questions from clients that I really can’t stand to hear. Today, let me finally clarify the answers to these questions once and for all.

What should my weight be for my height?

I could sit here and give you a scientific explanation to justify what your weight should be for your height and bone structure. But the truth is, we as a society put too much emphasis on a number rather than changing our food habits. I would rather answer this question with other questions: If you feel good about how you feel or look in your clothes, do you really care how much the scale says? If you are healthy and are able to be physically active and have energy, do you care how much you weigh? If you are in a proper weight range that decreases your risk for things like cancer, cardiovascular disease, or diabetes, do you care what the scale says? I am sure most of you would answer ‘no’ to these questions. Focus on the changes you make daily in order to be healthier, and allow weight loss to be a nice side effect. Paying too much attention to the numbers will only end up in you giving up.

I eat practically nothing. Why can’t I lose weight?

First of all, 95% of us severely underestimate the amount of food we eat on a daily basis. In most cases, with closer observation, many realize that they in fact eat a lot more than they think. Second of all, if you exist on coffee, sugar, cookies, and cigarettes, don’t expect your body’s metabolism to work properly. Calories may be important, but even more important are where the calories are coming from. Substitute the coffee with green tea, the sugar for fruit, the cookies for nuts and seeds, and the cigarettes for real, whole foods, and voila! the scale will start to move in the right direction.

Can’t you just write me a diet to lose weight fast in the beginning and THEN I can eat normally afterwards?

No! I can’t! That would go against everything I believe in as a nutritionist. If you are trying to lose weight fast, you obviously don’t care about what you are doing to lose that weight. Therefore, even if you are successful in losing that weight, you will only gain it back and then some. And the reason is you weren’t interested in the most important thing, CHANGING the way you eat as a lifestyle. Losing and gaining weight like a yo yo is no joke. It can actually be quite dangerous. So, again, , instead of focusing on your weight, think about what you can do to get real nutrition into you so that your body works better for you.

I really hope I shed some light on the above common questions I get. Remember, there IS NO QUICK FIX. If you want to lose weight, you have to change your relationship with food and choose only real, whole foods. Simple as that. Period.

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