A Fitness Diary – Is one really necessary?

Lately, keeping track of how we exercise has become as popular as the latest fashion craze. More than ever, we are obsessed with statistics like how many steps we take in a day, how many lunges we have done, or how far we can run. In modern day society, keeping track of how we exercise has become popular because of technological advances, specifically the ability to input what we do into our Smartphones.

In this article, we will specifically talk about the fitness diary, whether or not it is effective in helping us to achieve our goals, how to keep a fitness diary and track our progress, and whether or not is even necessary to have one.

The importance of a fitness diary

Many may believe that keeping track of how one works out is only for professional athletes. However, it is a very useful tool for anyone that does any physical activity, even walking.

How can a fitness diary help?

How can a fitness diary help?
  1. Fitness diaries firstly help you to organize yourself. By recording your workouts, you clearly see how many and what workouts you did in the past.
  2. It helps to track the effectiveness of the training. You can tweak future workouts according to intensity or resistance or if you need to focus on specific muscle groups.
  3. You can make yourself accountable to a fitness diary. It acts as a kind of coach that can ‘see’ your progress and ‘shame’ or ‘praise’ you according to whether or not you miss a workout or if you are staying on track. Research shows that if you are accountable to someone or something, there are better chances of achieving your goals.

What should you write in a fitness diary?

This obviously varies according to what kind of training you are doing. If you are weight training, you would record the number of reps you did as well as the weight you used. If you record cardio exercises like walking, running, or biking, you would input the length of time you did it for as well as the intensity you worked at. The ideal way of keeping track of your workouts, however, is to use a device that keeps track of all the things mentioned above for you.

Different types of fitness diaries

There are different ways of keeping track of your workouts:
  1. A notebook: in a notebook, you can write whatever you see fit. However, if you are a novice to working out, you may not know what exactly to keep track of or what to write. You will also not have the advantage of seeing the detailed statistics of your workout.
  2. Excel Spreadsheet: this is similar to writing in a notebook, however, it requires some knowledge about how to use Excel. That and it will only give you primitive reports of your progress.
  3. Download a fitness app: technology is always updated with the latest trends and fitness diaries are no exception. You can download an app on your smartphone and use it wherever you are. For example, the Superbody app has many advantages when it comes to keeping track of your physical activity.

Superbody Fitness Diary

In addition to providing meal plans, recipes, nutrition and fitness information, Superbody also has excellent personalized fitness plans and a fitness diary to keep track of how you exercise.

Advantage #1. Personalized fitness plan

As previously mentioned, a fitness diary helps to organize the training process, helps you to set goals and to follow a step- by- step plan in order to see results faster. The Superbody app already has finished fitness plans available. So, all you would need to do is to follow them! Of course, you can add your own exercises (with a large selection to choose from). On days that a specific workout is not planned, you can record any other activity you choose to do like running, bowling, dancing, etc. (The amount of calories you burn will also be recorded).

Advantage #2. Automatic Calorie Counter

Doing this manually on a piece of paper can be an exhausting process. Here, there is an obvious advantage to the app because calories burned are automatically calculated for any exercise that you do. This is great for people who want to see how many calories they burn via their workouts.

Advantage # 3. Large database of exercises to choose from

Whether you work out at the gym or decide to work out from home, you have the advantage of using the Superbody app to find the right exercises for whatever occasion. You simply choose the exercises you want, and they are automatically added to your fitness diary.

Advantage # 4. Tracking results

With the Superbody app, you can input your measurements and see your progress in a visual diagram.

Advantage #5. Superbody app for the smartphone and PC

Android or iOS app can be downloaded for free on your smartphone. You can also register and Login to your account from any computer that has an Internet connection.

Exercise, be healthy, and stay beautiful. SuperBody is here to guide you every step of the way!

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