5 ways to stick to your weight loss goals

Most people start every Monday with the hope of getting healthy and losing weight. Unfortunately, many do not anticipate the road blocks and challenges that are associated with this task.

They don’t plan meals, they don’t think about when they might have time in the day to plan food, and they don’t plan ahead when they know they will eat out. Here are 5 ways to stick to your weight loss goals, without giving up at the first sign of trouble:


Ok, Monday is here, but have you prepared yourself for the week ahead? If you are determined to stick to a healthy lifestyle, a little planning goes a long way. For example, if you have an office job, prepare food from the night before to take with you to work. If you know you will be on the road, pack handy snacks like almonds and raisins or a homemade granola and oat bar to eat when you get hungry. Having food with you curbs the temptation to eat foods that are processed and unhealthy.


Many don’t realize what or how much they eat. Keeping track of what you eat not only offers a window into what your eating habits are, but it keeps you accountable to how you are eating. Use the Superbody app to log how you eat everyday. You will learn what foods to choose and how to get rid of unhealthy eating habits you already have.


Many think that they need to be strict with themselves in order to lose weight. The truth is, people that are realistic that the occasional treat will occur are more likely to lose weight and to keep it off. Finding the right balance is key to long term weight loss.


You don’t have to give up chocolate or cakes when trying to lose weight. In fact, you can find creative ways to create healthy and tasty treats. For example, you could make your own dark chocolate or you could create a chocolate cake that contains beet root. Yes, you heard correctly, beet root! This gives a new meaning to having your cake and eating it too! Check out some recipes below.


We all know the benefits of exercise. One benefit is that it makes you feel good and it motivates you to search for foods that will fuel your body rather than make it sluggish. Check out our short article on burst training below.

Download the Superbody app to start logging your food today!

Need motivation? Here is some for you.