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Best healthy weight loss apps Superbody

In the “there should be an app for that” era it is not weird that we have plenty of weight loss apps available for everybody. And this is great as you get a handy “assistant” that remind you when to train, when and what to eat and many more. It helps you in reaching your dream body!
Superbody app was created for the same reason. Our team has a goal to help everybody who wants to become healthier, stronger and fitter without any special spendings. All you need is available via your smartphone. Moreover, your device is likely always with you, so will be our app.
This is not only a workout “trainer” but also a full healthy meal plan app. As we strongly confirmed that reaching your dream body is impossible without healthy eating, we have combined the set of daily exercises with various healthy recipes based on sprouts and other superfoods.
Such an approach makes us unique and effective in weight loss process. And the tracking features will help you to monitor results and maintain your motivation.
With Superbody, tracking your healthy habits (and the not so healthy ones) becomes a breeze. We’ll help you pick the right food, and eat the right portion sizes, to reach your personal health goals.

A healthy lifestyle with the Superbody app

Knowledge and experience in the weight loss and healthy lifestyle field were embodied in the unique weight loss app from the Superbody. Making it available for everybody we wanted to help people who struggle with overweighting and other similar problems to change their lives for the best. Diverse features of the app are aimed at gradual weight loss process and general health improvement. Eventually, you will not only get slimmer but also will feel better and have more energy and motivation for other spheres of your life.

Food tracking

Free weight loss apps usually offer a set of exercises and that is it. With Superbody tracker you get a quality help in controlling the amount of food you consume. Pick the recipes that fit your plan and get slimmer thanks to the right nutrition. The flexible instrument of counting calories and meal planning will provide you with the accurate data on how many calories you have eaten and how many of them you burn during workouts. Also, you will be able to view what other users prefer to eat.

Activity tracking

Know exactly how many steps you make during the day and how many of them do you need to become closer to your goal. Physical activity is the next important for weight loss. Following the individually combined workout plan, you will not only get rid of unnecessary fat but also get your body into attractive shape.

Sleep tracking

Often underestimated part of our life, sleep can have a strong impact on the speed of your losing weight. And you need to sleep no more and no less than 7-8 hours per day. This is important for maintaining your body functioning and stimulating metabolism and fat burning. No wonder that weight loss app cares about your sleep as well.

Water balance tracking

Decent level of hydration has the same importance as sleep, eating or training. All body processes depend on the water we drink. Superbody app will track the amount of liquid you drink daily and weekly to help you to maintain a good level of hydration and not to skip the glass of water during the day. The thirst is not the only signal you need to follow as it means that your body is already seriously dehydrated. But you need prevent this by drinking enough water during the day and provide your body with all it needs. Even the best weight loss apps sometimes neglect this factor.

Personal adviser

With Superbody app you will get a true friend and the best supervisor that control every the most important aspects of your lifestyle and provide you with the wise guidelines for your dream and healthy body. It will help you to get rid of the bad habits and obtain the new ones that will bring only benefits to you. Moreover, this adviser is always changing and improving its approach according to your progress and needs. It will know what is better for you before you know it first.

You can download our lose weight app from any app market as there are versions both for Android and for iPhone. We did our best to make the Superbody findings available for everyone.

We’ve added groundbreaking new features to deliver the most effective, connect, and personalized weigh loss program available