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How it works

SuperBody has been designed to fit seamlessly into your busy schedule. We provide you with a personalised, easy to follow nutrition plan that is based on the information you submit to us. Fitness programs are also available for those who would like to combine healthy eating and exercise.

All you have to do is follow our recommendations regarding what to eat and when, as well as how and when to exercise, the results speak for themselves. Our program has been developed by certified nutritionists and fitness instructors, there is nothing else like it currently on the market.

Superbody has made it even more convenient for you! Now you have the choice of using Superbody from your browser (Mozilla, Chrome, Safari, and etc.) or an Android or iOS app that you can use from your smartphone. Input your measurements, check the latest recipes and fitness videos, remind yourself when to eat, and get professional advice at the touch of your fingertips. Download the app now to get started!

You can use Superbody on your computer AND your phone!

Studies have repeatedly shown that correct nutrition and keeping track of what you eat is the best way to lose weight. This is why we have designed SuperBody to provide you with everything you need to achieve results. A tailored meal plan and fitness program, diaries to record your meals and activities, and guidance at every stage by our team of industry professionals.


It’s all in the maths

We use certain key input parameters such as age, weight, height and BMI in order to gain an insight into what you need to do to reach your goals. With this information we are able to create programs that help you work towards these goals in a healthy and sustainable way. If your goals are unrealistic (for example you have set an unhealthy weight loss target) then the programme will instead offer you recommendations that are based on your optimal weight range.

Your SuperBody cabinet

You will find your nutrition programme in the Weekly Meal Planner of your cabinet, under My Diaries. This is a complete monthly plan comprising every meal and snack for the whole month. Follow this plan faithfully and you will move towards your target weight. If you need to go off-plan, you can still select from an extensive list of approved foods in your food diary. In order to speed things up as well as improve your fitness, you can also follow a personalised training programme complete with video tutorials, which you will find in your fitness diary.


Diet & Fitness Calendar

The calendar is a weekly and monthly breakdown detailing all of the food you have consumed and the workouts you have completed. Upcoming workouts are also displayed here, as well as your personal bests and your calorie balance for each day.


Exclusive Articles

In this section you will have access to articles exclusively written for our subscribers. Learn more about how the human body works as well as all the latest research in the field while working towards your health and fitness goals.