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  • Frequently Asked Questions


If I wear clothes that increase my body temperature, will my workouts be more effective?

While working out, you need to be warm, but not hot. Muscles that are warmed up can contract better and are less prone to injury. If you overheat, however, you increase the stress put on your heart therefore rendering your workout ineffective. Some people wear especially warm clothing or they wrap themselves in polyethylene film in order to 'burn more fat'. This is unecessary and dangerous since severe sweating only leads to dehydration. Stay at a comfortable temperature level during workouts.

How do I get a six-pack?

The very first step is to work on decreasing your body fat percentage. Unfortunately, you cannot lose fat in specific areas. Therefore, you have to do exercise that is geared towards burning fat. Recent research suggests that interval or burst training is much more effective at burning fat than long hours on the treadmill or multiple aerobics classes. In addition to decreasing body fat percentage, you need to strengthen the muscles of your anterior abdominal wall and obliques. Recommended exercises for this include classic curls (i.e. body lifts) and leg lifts. In order to get results, consistency is the key to success. Try to work out at least 2 times a week and stick to your workout schedule.

Is it necessary to take nutrition supplements or to eat protein bars?

Not at all. For a healthy individual who can eat a balanced diet, supplementation is not necessary. If you think you may need a supplement,however, remember that supplements should be taken as exactly their name describes: to supplement your diet. Speak to one of our dieticians to get advice on what supplements you may need and which ones are better to choose. Your nutritional needs may be higher if you do strenuous workouts or if you are an athlete. In general, if you eat right, stay well hydrated, and do moderate exercise, there is no need for additional supplementation.

I want to start working out, but I am scared of looking too muscular. Are there exercises specifically for weight loss and not for muscle growth?

Building muscle can be a long and complicated process. It is very dependant on whether you are male or female, how much you weight train, and how you eat. It is A LOT more difficult for women to build muscle as they do not have the testosterone needed to support major muscle growth. Most men AND women will notice more muscle tone (as opposed to muscle growth) if they engage in moderate exercise. Do not avoid exercises that are designed to increase muscle tone. The more muscle tone you have, the higher your metabolism becomes. This means that you will burn fat more efficiently and have a leaner looking body. Again, this doesn't mean that you will look like she-man, it just means that your lean body mass will be increased.

Is there an ideal season in which to start working out?

If you are a beginner, it is best to start working out in the summer. This is a time when people typically spend more time outdoors and therefore have better vitamin D levels. This is conducive to having more energy and being in a better mood. It is harder to start working out in the winter as this is a time when people want to go into hibernation mode. There are higher stress levels associated with winter because it is cold and there is a lack of sunlight. If you plan on starting an exercise program in the winter, begin at low intensity and increase it gradually.

When is the best time of day to work out?

The most important thing to consider here is what are the conditions in which you will stick to a workout schedule? For example, if you are not a morning person and you decide to workout at 6am, you obviously will not keep up with this and give up. Remember that the key to success is consistency so if you do things that go against your character, you will not continue to do them. It is more important to get 3 workouts in a week (even if they are in the evening), rather than not doing them at all. There may be added benefits to a morning workout, however, the benefits of exercising on a consistent basis outweigh the benefits of working out at a specific time of day.

How can I raise my endurance if I can only do home workouts?

With so many exercise programs and videos available at the click of a button today, there really is no excuse not to get a good workout at home. You can follow a pilates video or learn how to do interval training using things you already have in your home. Find an activity you enjoy doing, do a search, and start enhancing your physical ability today!

How can I determine the optimal weight for me during strength training?

This is definitely something a personal trainer or a fitness professional can help you with. Talk to one of our experts to determine what weight it right for you. In general, however, you need to choose how much weight you plan on lifting per repetition. Begin a specific exercise with a minimal amount of weight and gradually increase it. If you cannot execute the third repetition until the end, then it means that the weight you selected is close to ideal for you. If you cannot do it, just stop and lower the weight. (This is obviously better than risking injury). If you fly through three reps, this means that the weight is too low and you need to choose a higher weight.